The Skills & Enchantments Update


Staff member
May 26, 2021
Over the last week the community has been testing the recently added Skills & Enchantments updates which brings many new exciting features such as passive combat abilities, perks that increase mining luck and the ability to earn more WRLD tokens from leveling all of the new skills up! Read more about skills here!
Access the skills menu using /skills in-game

In addition to the standard enchants available in vanilla Minecraft, We have added a variety of custom enchants to Sewer Side Survival to enhance your gameplay. They may be bought from the Enchanter via /enchanter at the cost of vanilla experience levels. The price varies depending on the desired enchantment tier.
Many new items & features were added with the enchantments update so we suggest reading more about it on our wiki here!

More information will be added over time - we are still in Beta Status.

Purchase the new Dimensional Traveller Armor/Axe Set or The Destroyer of Worlds Armor Set which includes many of the new enchantments! Click Here!