The Nether Update


Staff member
May 26, 2021
The server has been updated with hundreds of new features with the addition of our Nether update!

Explore the darkest of dimensions even the most powerful of players will struggle within.

Check out the nether dimension by creating a nether portal or doing /warp nether! Here are a couple of features we added with this update;


The Skeleton Warrior

Within the nether dimension you may encounter some new mobs that we have added such as the skeleton warrior!

These new foes are more powerful and have more abilities than the regular mobs you may encounter in the overworld.


The Corrupted Castle

At the nether spawn you can find 2 corrupted castles with some new mobs inside, you will have to battle your way through the castles to obtain the Loot! but be careful, the new forces are stronger than what you may normally be up against..

There are many exciting new items, mobs, blocks & more to discover on the Sewer Side Survival server!

More information will be released soon on our Wiki

There's much more to discover such as Envoy Crates, Crafting Recipes & Cosmetics! Join @