The Microsoft Article


Staff member
May 26, 2021
This is our response to the latest announcement from Microsoft and how we are going to be proceeding going forward.

We are taking part in building the future of decentralized gaming with GameFi / Blockchain technology and are attempting to create a fun and enjoyable experience developing on top of the existing models of Minecraft servers that have already been operating for years, we are improving those models by allowing the players to be paid for their valuable time spent working away in-game & to truly own the assets they otherwise would never have been able to with the traditional server model such as cosmetics, ranks, or even things like valuable items.

We believe this directly conflicts with the Minecraft Marketplace and similar entities "stores" & once players realise it's possible they can actually own those assets & potentially resell them, they won't return to the traditional system.

If the EULA is updated stating we have to remove the specified features, we have a few options in the pipeline that we are working on that will allow us to continue operating like normal. Additionally NFTWorlds has our full support and we will migrate to their game engine as soon as it's available.

We will not be removing any features on our server until the Minecraft EULA is officially updated with the views Microsoft have reflected in their latest Article. Our server provides a safe and inclusive experience.