Top Voters May

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Top Voters

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting this month! The top voters of each month are rewarded with crypto tokens and store credits!
Store credits can be used at shop.cubedao.net. Find your store credit code in-game with /mail read.

Here are the top contributors of this month... (Your crypto rewards will be sent automatically to your in-game wallet)
  1. WhistIes 220 Votes (750 $CBIT)
  2. Canis_Galaxy 196 Votes (500 $CBIT)
  3. JasnaPolis 193 Votes (225 $CBIT)
  4. FolkishGolf1691 189 Votes ($5 Store Credit)
  5. jotamarm 187 Votes ($5 Store Credit)

Build Competition

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We are excited to announce we are hosting a Building Competition which will run for the next 10 Weeks! Theme: Crypto / Tech.
The top 3 players with the most impressive creations will receive rewards in Cubit Tokens $CBIT.

How to enter

All players are eligible to participate in the competition, simply connect to play.cubedao.net and start building!
Players will need to naturally obtain resources or purchase them from '/shop' to build with.

Once you are happy with your creation, post a few screenshots or a video of it alongside the coordinates (X Y Z) in the ⁠#submissions channel on Discord!
Reminder: You have 10 weeks, don't submit if you're not happy with it!


  • Up to 1 entry per person/group.
  • Up to 4 people within a group.
  • Only the claim owner is allowed to submit the build.
  • Stolen builds and schematics are disallowed; your creation must be unique.
  • If you are submitting with a group, mention all contributors within the submission.
  • The competition will end August 02, 2023.

How winners are chosen

The most impressive builds will be voted on by the Founders Pass holders & VIP's by reacting to the submission with
. The submissions with the most reactions by the end date will be concluded as the winners. Vote manipulation or unfair advantages are disallowed and will result in disqualification from the competition. Join the Discord to participate.


1st: 5,000 $CBIT + Special Builder Rank(s)
2nd: 2,500 $CBIT
3rd: 1,250 $CBIT

Bonus Challenge: Create a new spawn area that the Survival server will use with accessible locations for resources such as NPC's. Bonus Prize: $100 Voucher for shop.cubedao.net

We can't wait to see your amazing creations! Good luck to all participants!

Top Voters April

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Top Voters

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting this month! The top voters of each month are rewarded with crypto tokens and store credits!
Store credits can be used at shop.cubedao.net. Find your store credit code in-game with /mail read.

Here are the top contributors of this month... (Your crypto rewards will be sent automatically to your in-game wallet)
  1. Ericksonff5 231 Votes (500 $CBIT & 150 $WRLD)
  2. jotamarm 222 Votes (250 $CBIT & 100 $WRLD)
  3. Canis_Galaxy 207 Votes (200 $CBIT & 50 $WRLD)
  4. Mastrippo 168 Votes ($5 Store Credit)
  5. Minercrazy 162 Votes ($5 Store Credit)

Top Voters March

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Top Voters

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting this month! The top voters of each month are rewarded with crypto tokens and store credits!
Store credits can be used at shop.cubedao.net. Find your store credit code in-game with /mail read.

Here are the top contributors of this month... (Your crypto rewards will be sent automatically to your in-game wallet)
  1. Canis_Galaxy 202 Votes (500 $WRLD) tx
  2. jotamarm 188 Votes (250 $WRLD) tx
  3. matcracker 182 Votes (200 $WRLD) tx
  4. Minercrazy 179 Votes ($5 Store Credit)
  5. FolkishGolf1691 150 Votes ($5 Store Credit)


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Hello, we've got some exciting news to share with you all! As we continue to grow and evolve, we've decided to make some changes to better reflect our goals. We have rebranded to a new identity: CubeDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to creating and managing innovative decentralised gaming projects.

Here is information about the change:

The decentralised autonomous organisation designed to give every holder a voice and a vote on important decisions related to decentralised gaming projects created by our founders. There will be a treasury for the DAO to control once decentralisation has been fully established, proceeds generated from The Cube Minecraft Network will be added to this treasury.

Founders Pass:
There will be a maximum of 1000 Founders on the Polygon blockchain. Owning a pass gives the ability to stake & earn Cubits. Founders will also receive exclusive benefits such as the VIP rank on The Cube. Creators of the DAO will reserve 100 passes for development, promotions, partner incentives and events.

Founders Pass minting will be available on OpenSea Drops @ 03/27/23.

50% of proceeds generated from the OpenSea Drop will be contributed towards $CBIT liquidity on Uniswap (~$27,000).

The community token ($CBIT) which represents voting power within the DAO to voice your opinion on and create governance proposals that control the DAO. These will also be used as a play-to-earn currency throughout any CubeDAO developments. There are 3 ways to obtain Cubits: Purchase on Uniswap, Playing on The Cube or Staking a Founders Pass.

All current V.I.P's who have purchased either an original Founders Pass or the V.I.P rank from the webstore will be airdropped a new 3D Founders Pass with a unique ID number specific to you. More information to come.

Sewer Side Survival will be changed to The Cube & the new IP address to connect will be 'play.cubedao.net' for Bedrock & Java players.
Click here for more information about the DAO

Top Voters February

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Top Voters

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting this month! We will now be rewarding the top voters monthly with crypto tokens and store credits!
Store credits can be used at store.sewerside.org. Find your store credit code in-game with /mail read.

Here are the top contributors of this month... (Your crypto rewards will be sent automatically to your in-game wallet)
  1. matcracker 161 Votes (500 $WRLD) tx
  2. Mastrippo 138 Votes (250 $WRLD) tx
  3. Minercrazy 120 Votes (200 $WRLD) tx
  4. Canis_Galaxy 120 Votes ($5 Store Credit)
  5. jotamarm 110 Votes ($5 Store Credit)

Survival 2.0 Update

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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the release of Survival 2.0. The update includes a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, all aimed at enhancing the player experience. Here's a rundown of what you can expect:
  • Fresh Start: The Survival 2.0 server has been reset and wiped, giving players a brand new experience. Buildings, stats, and items have all been reset, and the spawn has been updated to a smaller area to allow players to leave it more easily.
  • Temporary Hub Server: A temporary hub server has been set up to provide access to both the old and new survival servers. The old server will be removed within the next two weeks, so be sure to make the most of your time on it.
  • Wallet System: The wallet system has been updated with new tokens and a more efficient payout method, ensuring fast and efficient transactions. You'll have a new wallet address, which you can view info about using the command "/wallet help".
  • Quests: All quests have been updated to version 1.19, with new tasks and rewards added. VIP exclusive quests are no longer available, but may be added back in the future.
  • Shop: The in-game shop has been updated with new pricing to keep the economy more stable.
  • Skills: The Adapt skill system has replaced McMMO, and can be accessed through the Minecraft ESC -> Advancements menu. There are 17 new skills to explore, with more information available on the wiki page.
  • New World: The world has been reset and updated to version 1.19.3, with new custom biomes to explore. The world size remains 10,000 x 10,000.

    Many gameplay features may be missing or temporarily unavailable to ensure there are no issues with the release of this update. Missing features will be added over the next few days gradually.

  • Other Changes:
    • The economy and in-game market have been reworked with new values.
    • The ability to donate to the community wallet has been added using the command "/contribute".
    • New VIP perks have been added, including /fix, /craft, infinite flight, and the ability to keep exp on death.
    • Two new tokens, $BONES and $MATIC, have been added.
    • PayPal has been added as a checkout method on the webstore.
    • Monthly VIP options have been added to the webstore.
    • The auction house expiry time has been increased from 14d to 30d.
    • Blaze and ghast farms have been fixed.
    • Custom enchant mismatch error has been fixed.
    • Potential duplication exploits have been fixed.
    • McMMO, bosses, envoys, '/sell all', the uncommon crate, and anti-afk kick have been removed.
We hope you enjoy this latest update and look forward to your feedback.

We can't wait for you to join us on the new and improved Survival 2.0 server!

Community Airdrop #2

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Congratulations to the winners of our second community airdrop!

These airdrops are only rewarded to the most loyal of players who put in the effort to get the top stats.
Join now & get playing to be eligible for the next one.

We have airdropped a total of 1500 WRLD Tokens, 15 MATIC Tokens, and $100 Store Credit to the players with the top statistics.

  • #1 Gromplays - 161 Votes | 300 WRLD + 3 MATIC + $20 Tx1 Tx2
  • #2 Minercrazy - 153 Votes | 200 WRLD + 2 MATIC + $10 Tx1 Tx2
  • #3 Canis_Galaxy - 80 Votes | 100 WRLD + 1 MATIC + $10 Tx1 Tx2
  • #4 zaptiks - 78 Votes | 100 WRLD + $5 Tx
  • #5 Mastrippo - 66 Votes | 100 WRLD + $5 Tx
  • #1 MerchantCrown - 1,581 Hours | 5 MATIC + $20 Tx
  • #2 PKYBDS26 - 840 Hours | 3 MATIC + $15 Tx
  • #3 mayssom - 531 Hours | 1 MATIC + $10 Tx
  • #4 Ryoushi92 - 499 Hours | 100 WRLD + $2.50...

The Fishing Update

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This update brings exciting new ways to earn in-game money & $WRLD Tokens as well as a whole new system for fishing.

As you fish, you can now encounter custom fish which can reward you with Entropy & Fishing Levels, these new features are essential to gain more from fishing.

Access the Fishing Menu using the command "/fish menu"

To read about all of the features of this update, visit the Wiki page for Fishing

Every 2 Hours a message will appear in the chat letting everyone know a Fishing Tournament is about to start.
There are a few different types of competitive tournaments which will appear; Length, Most Caught & Luckiest Catch.

The Top 3 Players of the Fishing Tournament will receive a random prize each with varying rarity depending on your place.

Some prizes include, $WRLD Tokens, Entropy Boosters, Cash & more.

Every 180 fish you delivery you will unlock a new delivery which you can complete to earn $WRLD Tokens & Fishing resources.

The Sewer Side DAO

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We have established The Sewer Side DAO - A place V.I.P's can gather to make important decisions surrounding The Sewer Side ecosystem.

The launch of the DAO also brings Staking which holders can use to lock away their V.I.P Pass NFT's to earn the $BONES utility token at a rate of 1 Token / Hour x Total Passes Staked.



The V.I.P Pass NFT metadata has also been updated, we have removed anything relating to Minecraft from the NFT to expand our reach & benefits further.​

The Bosses Update

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You can now encounter 2 very powerful bosses within the Sewer Side Survival World. These bosses can drop the rarest of items by chance, they have vast loot tables.

Bosses can spawn randomly, anywhere, at any time throughout the entire Overworld.
When a boss spawns a message will appear in chat letting everyone know it's coordinates & which boss has been summoned.

All bosses have the possibility of dropping WRLD tokens.

The Plague Bloater

This formidable boss has 6 phases and many abilities such as spawning attack minions, ghasts & armored zombies.

Yijki, The World Destroyer

This Boss has 5 phases with special weapon requirements per phase and incredible abilities that create a difficult battle, even with an impressive set of armor and weapons.

More bosses will be added in the future & all loot tables will be optimized in the coming days.

The Skills & Enchantments Update

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Over the last week the community has been testing the recently added Skills & Enchantments updates which brings many new exciting features such as passive combat abilities, perks that increase mining luck and the ability to earn more WRLD tokens from leveling all of the new skills up! Read more about skills here!
Access the skills menu using /skills in-game

In addition to the standard enchants available in vanilla Minecraft, We have added a variety of custom enchants to Sewer Side Survival to enhance your gameplay. They may be bought from the Enchanter via /enchanter at the cost of vanilla experience levels. The price varies depending on the desired enchantment tier.
Many new items & features were added with the enchantments update so we suggest reading more about it on our wiki here!

More information will be added over time - we are still in Beta Status.

Purchase the new Dimensional Traveller Armor/Axe Set or The Destroyer of Worlds Armor Set which includes many of the new enchantments! Click Here!

The Microsoft Article

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This is our response to the latest announcement from Microsoft and how we are going to be proceeding going forward.

We are taking part in building the future of decentralized gaming with GameFi / Blockchain technology and are attempting to create a fun and enjoyable experience developing on top of the existing models of Minecraft servers that have already been operating for years, we are improving those models by allowing the players to be paid for their valuable time spent working away in-game & to truly own the assets they otherwise would never have been able to with the traditional server model such as cosmetics, ranks, or even things like valuable items.

We believe this directly conflicts with the Minecraft Marketplace and similar entities "stores" & once players realise it's possible they can actually own those assets & potentially resell them, they won't return to the traditional system.

If the EULA is updated stating we have to remove the specified features, we have a few options in the pipeline that we are working on that will allow us to continue operating like normal. Additionally NFTWorlds has our full support and we will migrate to their game engine as soon as it's available.

We will not be removing any features on our server until the Minecraft EULA is officially updated with the views Microsoft have reflected in their latest Article. Our server provides a safe and inclusive experience.

Community Airdrop #1

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This is our first of many Community Airdrops that we will be releasing to our loyal players.
These airdrops will only be rewarded to the top players who put in the effort to get to the top of the stats for select categories!

The value of the airdrops will increase overtime as we grow.
Join now & get playing to be eligible for the next one!

We have airdropped a total of 200 WRLD tokens to the top 10 players with the most PlayTime!
  • MerchantCrown - 15d 8h / 60 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • PKYBDS26- 9d 9h / 50 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • Masterwrox- 8d 37m / 40 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • Milatotv- 7d 5h / 20 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • ThaaLoko- 7d 2h / 10 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • fmneto19- 6d 23h / 5 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • mayssom - 6d 7h / 5 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • GuiSax - 5d 15h / 5 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • CraftBTC - 5d 12h / 5 WRLD Tokens ✅

We have airdropped a total of 100 WRLD tokens to the top 5 players with the most Votes!
  • Gromplays - 67 Votes / 50 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • JorginReiDoMine - 53 Votes / 20 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • Canis_Galaxy - 49 Votes / 15 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • FolkishGolf1691 - 48 Votes / 10 WRLD Tokens ✅
  • MitsukiPH - 40 Votes / 5 WRLD Tokens ✅

The Nether Update

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The server has been updated with hundreds of new features with the addition of our Nether update!

Explore the darkest of dimensions even the most powerful of players will struggle within.

Check out the nether dimension by creating a nether portal or doing /warp nether! Here are a couple of features we added with this update;


The Skeleton Warrior

Within the nether dimension you may encounter some new mobs that we have added such as the skeleton warrior!

These new foes are more powerful and have more abilities than the regular mobs you may encounter in the overworld.


The Corrupted Castle

At the nether spawn you can find 2 corrupted castles with some new mobs inside, you will have to battle your way through the castles to obtain the Loot! but be careful, the new forces are stronger than what you may normally be up against..

There are many exciting new items, mobs, blocks & more to discover on the Sewer Side Survival server!

More information will be released soon on our Wiki

There's much more to discover such as Envoy Crates, Crafting Recipes & Cosmetics! Join @ play.sewerside.org


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Players can now create gangs to team up with other players, this brings many useful features to Sewer Side Survival such as team bank accounts, gang group chat, gang battles & more... You can read more about this update on our wiki by clicking here!

Gang creation costs $500,000 in-game cash. Use the /gang create (name) command to begin creating a gang.

You can invite other players to your gang with the /gang invite (name) command.
Players can be promoted with /gang promote (name)to construct a formed hierarchy within the gang!

Read more about it here; https://wiki.sewerside.org/en/Gangs

V.I.P Island

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V.I.P Pass holders can now visit the V.I.P Island by jumping into the sewer drains at /warp vipisland

There are many unique perks & benefits you can discover on the island, some are listed below!


Remember, V.I.P passes are limited to 1000 that'll ever exist!

Level 2 Auto Regenerating Mine
The Level 2 Mine includes Emeralds, Diamonds, Iron, Gold & Coal.


The parkour options on the V.I.P Island range from Easy to Hard with respective WRLD token rewards per difficulty.


Mob Spawner
V.I.P's can come to the 24/7 mob spawner whenever they're low on cash or need resources for specific items.


More features will be added to the island as we progress through development.

Player Shops Update

  • 1,258
  • 1
Players can now set up custom in-game Display Shops to buy, sell & trade items with other players within an escrow type system.


Features Include
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Item Stock Management
  • Currency Stock Management
  • Buy price limiting
  • Sell price limiting
  • Shop Advertising
Display Shops can be obtained via crate keys.
More information will be coming soon via our Wiki.
We Are Now Listed by NFTWorlds!!
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We are now listed on the official NFT Worlds play page!

This means you can now head on over to the official NFT World Launcher or use our custom NFT World launcher in the download section to join and play in our immersive survival P2E world.

Quests Update

  • 1,479
  • 2
Quests can now be initiated and are accessible to all players.


Each category has the difficulty of the quests marked before you accept and shows potential rewards,
viewing individual quests will show you exactly what rewards you will earn & your current progress towards completion.

Access quests using /quests in-game or via the profile menu.

Currently all quests will pay out a variety of in-game funds, items & exp, you will also receive a 0.5 $WRLD Voucher for every quest you complete.

There are a total of 1400+ Quests & 17 Categories.

Referral System

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You can now refer friends in-game and earn referral points. Referral points can be exchanged for crypto or other in-game assets (subject to change)
Here's how it works... You type /referral code - You pass this code to your friend - Your friend types /referral (your code) - You are now linked as referrers.
Both parties participating will be rewarded 1 referral point each. Both parties must be active players & not participating only for rewards.

Here are the current exchanges available for referral points;

-1 RP for 0.2 MATIC.
-25 RP for 0.5x MATIC, 10x WRLD, 10x BONES.
-50 RP for V.I.P Rank.

Anyone attempting to abuse this system or not following the rules will be banned. We may impose playtime restrictions for claiming rewards.

Minting is LIVE!

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Mint a V.I.P pass to use in our soon to release survival play-to-earn game, built on NFT Worlds
More information on utility will be dropped shortly.

Click Here to Mint

The world will be live and playable within the next few days while we finalise some gameplay mechanics.
You can download our version of the NFT Worlds Launcher by Clicking Here, the launcher comes with extra mods, shaders & additional features.

Join our Discord for updates! https://discord.gg/qC7KR5DASr

Sewer Side Survival Trailer⚔️🕳

Beta Test

  • 1,699
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The server is now live & un-whitelisted, you may connect & play via the SewerClient Launcher.
Players can use the Minecraft launcher however we recommend using ours as it will provide a better gameplay experience.
Version 1.18.2 recommended.

Play-To-Earn is not yet enabled.
This will be in testing over the coming weeks along with many other features.

You should expect bugs and/or issues to arise, if you find any, please report them via support ticket.



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We have created a custom launcher which players can use to join the server directly without having to insert an IP address to connect, additional features include,
  • Increased FPS
  • Drag & Drop Mods
  • Forge Compatibility
  • Pre-Modded Versions
  • Custom Discord Status
  • Auto Connect
  • Exclusive features
  • Much more...
The launcher comes with the latest version already installed with forge integrated, you can drag & drop mods to install them via the launcher settings. More modified versions will be implemented in the future.

Download the launcher by clicking here.